Stick to the way of the Companions

We would continue to differ as long as we subject the deen to the intellect, since our background and orientation differ ,likewise our reasoning.

But alhu sunnah, despite the distance between them. You would always see them saying the same thing, their usool is the same, waLlaahi many of us have not met each other before and we barely know each other, but when we talk, you would think there is someone dictating to us what ti say , yes we have truly have someone dictating what to say to us.

I can’t deny this fact that there is someone dictating to us that we can’t oppose, if we oppose him we are thrown out of the party of Allaah, and left to with disgrace and humiliation, who is this person dictating to us ? It is the prophet, we try as much as possible to be in line with what he brought and taught the companions, how do we know what he taught the companions ? We know through the companions, they are the ones who passed the Quran and Sunnah to us, and they did not pass it to us to bend its injunctions to the direction of or whims and Caprices, rather they explained both to us in great details , so explanation they make, we regard it as what they heard from the prophet , as long as no one contradicts them on it. So we are blind followers of the prophet alhamduliLlah, he is the one dictating to us , we would sacrifice anything to defend what he preached and left the companions upon.

As for those who follow the invented ideologies of their group, like the jabatiyyah, who follow Muhammad Ali jabata, or the ikhwanul muslimoon with his three branches who follow the delusions of Hassan Albanna sayyid Qutb and Muhammad surur , or the neo-sufi who called themselves tablighs who follow a Sufi Ash’ari man called khandalawi , and others, these people have deviated from the true guidance of the prophet, and they have forsaken the correct meaning of the texts of the Quran and sunnah for their own whims, they would also quote the Quran and hadith, but according to their own delusions and fantasy , just like the jabatiyyah groups would always claim the word of the prophet
كل بدعة ضلالة “
Every innovation is misguidance “

Means all innovators are disbelievers, this is because they have interpreted this hadith in a way which the companions never did , the word misguidance encompasses sins and disbelief, so how can rbey restrict it to disbelief? The only evidence they would provide to strengthen this claim is their intellect and not evidence from the way the companions understood that hadith, but we know the companions never made takfeer on all innovators since they use to pray behind the khowarij, which shows they did not make takfeer on all innovators, .

So my brothers and sisters this is how dangerous and detrimental it is to jettison the understanding of the companions for our own faulty and corrupt understanding, people, people now bend verses and hadith to defend alien ideologies, even ideologies like feminism which originated in Europe, I have seen a Christian also trying ti defend Christianity with verse of the Quran, we should ditch this act and stick to the explanation of the companions.

In this way, the ranks of the Muslims would be united, and their hearts would be ignited, the Muslims can only stand against the oppressions they suffer in the hands of their adversaries when they bow to Islam and stop making Islam bow to them.

Written by: A Slave Of Allaah, Hafidhahullah.

They Are Funny People Full of Contradictions

Praise be to Allāh the Lord of the world; may the blessing and peace be upon the Prophet, his household and companions all together.
To proceed:
An average Ikhwāni uses whatever comes his ways as evidence as long as it is against the Muslim rulers they have problem with or people they have hatred for, not minding its source and whether it is a full video /audio or a cut video/ audio clip. Recently,one of their doctors here in Nigeria in a seminar made reference to a short video clip of sheikh Abdulaziz ar-Rayyis that was circulated in which sheikh Rayyis was talking about how to relate with a ruler. Firstly, this Ikhwāni doctor didn’t see any thing wrong in making reference to the short video clip that was circulated; secondly, he even said something different from what was in the short video clip.

Nevertheless, when you refer them to short clips wherein some leaders of the Ikhwān committed serious religious errors, they say you are relying on short clips that may have been edited by the kuffar.
The question now is, why don’t they say similar thing with respect to the short clips of the Salafi scholars? Instead they proceed to use those clips against them. Why don’t they say something similar about the short clips of the Muslim rulers? They rather use those clips to abuse and criticize them. Or is it halal for them to use the short clips and news from BBC, CNN and the likes against those they have hatred for but it is haram for others to use such against them? When will these people stop measuring with two measures? Or have they forgotten that what is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander?
However, there is nothing wrong in using short clips as long as the message is intact.

Some of them will say ‘ Let’s see the full audio or video! However, when you send them its link, they may ask you again’ what minute?’ They may even tell a lie that they have watched it from the beginning to the end and they can’t find the reference, playing on the intellect of the people.
However, these same people won’t use the theory of ‘ full audio/video when they lay their hands on a clip of Muhammad bn Salman or his father or any person they have hatred as long as the clip satisfies their position. It is only when it has to do with their leaders and loved ones that the theory works.

In addition to that ,when you refer them to the books of their leaders or their websites, the one who can’t even read Arabic not to talk of comprehend it will come out to say it is not their books or websites. On the other hand, they take anything that speaks against their assumed enemies regardless of the news paper that publishes it.

When you create time to discuss a thing raised by one of them, immediately he discovers you are about to nail him, he jumps to another issue. Is this how to discuss matters?

All these behaviours make it difficult to have any knowledge-based discussion with them generally and more particularly the lay ones among them.
They are people without solid principles. Their interest in power makes them compromise the beautiful principles of Islam one after the other.
Allah’s aid is sought.

Ritten by: Sheikh ‘AbdulGaniy Juma’h, Hafidhahullah.


What if we know that death is imminent and certain?

Has our knowledge of it impelled us to do good or bad??

Sometimes I wonder what goes in the heart of Man when he hears about the death of another, He feels sorry, sad and he worries about when he would meet the same fate.

But these feelings are just for a while before the worldly affairs devour his thoughts and he gets carried away.

As a Muslim, we should know that the world is not a place to rest, because the days and years we are to spend in this world are nothing compared to the time we would spend in the grave (Subhanallah!)

Everyone wants to feel the giety of life, relax and live life to its fullest, not minding the time they waste going after their desires.

Every minutes of our life is precious and we don’t even know which may be the last, why not let us work harder just so to make our days alone in the grave bearable, because once we are six feet under the ground, there won’t be a chance to do the usual act of ibadah.

A time when the soul that follows the will of Allah wishes he had done more on earth, while the heathen who rejected the words of Allah will regret and also wishes he had another chance to come back to the world and live his life as a Muslim.

Being alive means we’ve still got a chance to tread on the path of truth and follow sincerely the words of Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him).

Because we never can say when we will answer the call of Death!!!.

But One Day…

Written by: BY