Seeking advises from different angles….. Bringing your marital affairs to social media in order to seek advise, at the end of the day they misled you….
Exposing about your marital affairs to zayd and bakr……

Lastly, (Vital point)

How much more have you learn about your religion and aqeedah??…..

When you yourself refused to know about the aqeedah of the salaf(pious predecessors) how will you know wheather to accept an innovators or a sympathizer’s proposer…… Or the chameleon people hiding under the shield of salafiyyah….. Those that innovate into the deen that has been completed, and those that can be mannerless to their Lord by supporting filthy manhaj(methodology) for worldly sake….Did you think they won’t toy with your heart too….. Marrying someone you can’t trust with your religion,how did you expect him to handle your heart??…..

Sisters wake up, don’t let them fool you with big grammar,certificate and love story….. Test the aqeedah and religion of your intending spouse, once he compromise his religion because of you….trust me, my sister he will compromise your love for the sake of worldly affairs ….. Because anytime he see someone that’s more better than you in beauty or qualification, it’s either he divorce you or start maltreating you….because he, from the beginning he is hiding under the shield of salafiyyah….. So they got you brainwashed so as not to marry sohih brother by tagging them as salafy thugs, ill manners and all sort of names just because they hate the path of the salaf(pious predecessors).
Infact, some would tell you lies that, they won’t marry two wives because their brain is full of western ideology which you too also want. Some years after Nikkah, they want to marry second wife…. You will start frustrating your life and at the end you got divorced.

Majority of this chameleon people I.e those with bad intention that are pretending to be Sunni, you will hardly see them amidst of the salafiyyah(people with correct creed) rather they prefer the so deviant callers because their sayings will suit their personal interest. We seek Allah’s refuge.

Although shayton can come in between the marriage of two pious heart (which is rare), that doesn’t mean they are bad but that can just be a test for them …. May Allah safe us from the fitnah of divorce.

May Allah bless our brothers upon salafiyyah (those with correct creed)..they will not pretend whom they are to you… May He grant them more understanding and istiqomoh…and provide them a good spouse.

May Allah ease the affairs of sisters….make their marriage an happy one and provide them a good spouse.

Written by: Bint Abdulghoniyy Ummu Mujaheed, may Allaah preserve her.



Did majority of us see marriage as Ibadah?? NO

Marriage is not a place you will just go and have fun alone….. You can face some trials but as long as you know it part of ibadah….. You will always turn to Allah whenever you face a trial…. When preparing for marriage, we do use our night to have fun instead of seeking Allah’s intervention as prescribed by the prophet, Sallallohu ‘alaehi wasallaam ….. Have it in mind that everything you are doing for your husband you shall have reward for it….. If you have this in mind, and fear Allah you will always try to please him to have the mercy of your lord.


Sisters do rush into marriage without proper steps and discussion…..
Steps like ….. Istikharoh, istisharoh, meeting one’s parents I.e did your parent have any discussion with him,did he have regards for them…. So if issues occur he will be respecting your parent before he misbehave…… Or he just come and you rushed in picking up a date for aqd….. Those that marry from  right source gan did you think they are free from trial ?? Not to talk of you  that didn’t present your family too well and you Don’t even take a step to know about his family and his background.


Excessive packaging….. Sisters are full of excess packaging, when you meet some sisters for the first time their mode of saying teslim lasan,how they package outside and how they pretend to be masha Allah (effizy po)….when they are about to do Nikkah,they keep asking religion questions every time from the intending spouse so as to portray themselves well allas reverse is the case, for instance: they keep waking him up for tahajjud through phone calls and text mssgs, small thing they will start twisting voice and brothers head too will start swelling and reacting like chemical, they will start expecting high after Nikkah….. but afterwards the story changes ….. Abu will be like is this not sister fulanah that I got married to??…..smiles
No one is saying you shouldn’t be good,but be real and let them know your weak point so they can know where to start their work from and to know the true picture of whom they are about to engage(deal) with…..  LET THEM ACCEPT YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE AND DON’T OVER STATE YOURSELF

To be continue………

Written by: Bint Abdulghoniyy Ummu Mujaheed, May Allaah preserve her.