Having nurtured as sister the need to make ahead preparations to be a good mother to our children,we should not also forget the need and significance of an earlier upbringing and training (be it islamic and home training) on our children at the earliest stage of their life ….this should be emphasized and giving total concideration please.!!

It baffles and disturbs me alot seeing a niqobite’s children that lack proper training …..

Yes!,we may perhaps agree with you that it is ALlāh that helps the mothers to achieve their aim in raising their children ….,however,we do not just rely on ALlāh in such a way that we ignore “asbāb”,this is a blameworthy type of reliance even in the shariah,in parental upbringing,the significant of a mother can not be disputed as she would be the one majorly to play vital roles during the course of the upbringing and care….this is known and apparent to all if I may say!!

Firstly,let take a glamp look as regard the issue of “Handling phones and how it’s been operated by children these days”…. It so pathetic seeing a child of an age range between 2/3 years operating an Android phone…..we are actually the source of their problem if I would conclude here!

Starting from their earlier stage (infants) we give them phones to stop crying,we give them phones to play games with it,they take phones anyhow they like…which is not really proper,the parent (duo of the mother and father) shouldn’t spoil their kids by giving them their phone or being carried away with phone all the time,it should be restricted even if it’s gonna happen at most once a while….. Apparently,the mother’s duty in this aspect will be more since they will be with the children a lot…. Once you are with your family (both husband and children) stay away from phone all the time,being with the phone always will entice the kids and make them also to develop interest and love more for phones since their parent are always busy with it too …..
Some do think that the phone is the best instrument to be used in teaching them some things (listening to Qur’an,some Islamic video and co.).. ..well, looking at it from the prons angle,it seems right and looking at it furthely from cons angle also,it seems wrong too…

Children can learn via other materials not necessarily phone alone,because the harm of phones to all children and adults outweighs the benefits in most cases and not “all cases” tho….

Once you have a baby be creative enough to make other things and materials that can entice them,create plays from which they can learn from it,get yourself busy with reading,get some toys that will make them creative,with this you will be able draw their attention towards learning and diverting it away from the vices of the phone….. Once they are 2/3 years,include it in your timetable for everyone to read for like an hour….. You will have a book to read/Qur’an,also busy them with some playful materials from which they can also gain from…. Get them a mp3 player or Bluetooth for Qur’an and adhkār….. With this their love for phones will not be much compare to how the children handle phones these days…..

May ALlāh ease our affairs….

To be continued…..

Written by: Bint Abdulganiyy Ummu Sumayyah, may Allaah preserve her.

Between Creed and Correct Manners


The book Mawsoo’atul Albaanee Fil ‘Aqeedah, tells us that correct creed like that of the pious predecessors is an essential precondition for correct Islamic manners, correct Islamic jurisprudence and in fact all correct practice of Islam in any form.

There can be no excellent manners without excellent creed. In the absence of correct creed, all claims to correct manners must be faulty in some way or other as there is bound to be inbalance and excesses.

Without the right creed, Muslims are wont to be either gullibly obedient like the followers of Soofee teachers who question nothing before believing them (and that is termed respect for teachers), or too untrusting of authentic texts to submit to them like all heretically active Muslim groups who only measure faith by parameters like social agitation and challenging leaders.

And there are individuals who lay claim to manners but whose wobbly creed leans essentially to either or both groups above in different ways: Respect and manners to them is to be foolishly submissive and massage egos at the expense of the truth, and true da’wah to them is to blend all heresies together in the name of “Muslim unity”, all because they got the creed wrong.

The creed is like an engine to the chasis of a car. For as long as it remains crooked, for so long shall we remain unbalanced and far from the exemplary Muslim manners.

The creed first!

Written by: Sheikh Murtado Adedokun, Hafidhahullah, from his Facebook page.