Teach your children to fear Allah, train them with Islamic etiquettes…… Right from infancy, if you are to stop your baby from crying with songs, make sure you sing reasonable ones….. If your children did some amazing things, instead of saying “good of you” or “clap for yourself” try to always say masha Allah or barokallahu fiih, with this they will get used to it …..
Teach them the manners of eating, greeting and others….. Don’t let your children be the kind that whenever they see a neighbor or a family member, they keep quiet instead of making teslim to them…. Build your home Islamically….. Because when parents build their home Islamically, the children will have every manner (be it neatness, smartness, being hardworking, taqwa, proper discipline etc.) Although no one is perfect…..

At-Taqwa (the fear of Allah) is a major thing you have to inculcate in your children…. I learnt a lesson from my mummy (may Allah increase her in goodness) that “if your children are trained to fear you more than their creator, they will engage in evil activities in your absence but if they are trained to fear Allah, they will always remember the commandments of Allah and they will know Allah always sees them even if you don’t”…..

So train your children properly right from home before the environment trains them for you( a training you might not like)…..
Teach them about tawheed(oneness of Allah),correct creed , adaab(Manners), the history of some companions and scholars (those on the right manhaj) in Islam etc.

If a 10 year old child still plays with sand outside without any Islamic knowledge, you as a mother has a long way to go because you are almost failing….. To me, a child of that age should have ben trained to be a masha Allah child that even if he has to play, he engages in matured and creative play……

If our children are well trained, the love of the mother keeps increasing in the heart of the husband because any time he sees his children doing good, he feels happiness inside him…….

To be continued…..

Written by: Bint Abdulganiyy Ummu Sumayyah, may Allaah preserve her.