Do not crawl back into the
embrace of a broken
love like a drink after days
in the desert and a fire after a
dozen long cold night;
for even though the bruise
had faded, the memories

Do not be caught up in the
sweet hands of duniyah
misted with dews and its
fragile fragrance of wildflowers;
nor let it hook you in its
arms like a groom would
his bride.

Do not let the guilt and
impotent feeling of betrayal
crack your composure. Dig
deep and fight out the
desperation, for all you need
is trust to love again.

Do not let the myriad of
emotions you feel break
you easily nor whittle you
down; for when the heart
breaks, the body fails.

Do not give a quick vulnerable
response to the likes of
bitterness, hatred or grudge
for what could be more
appealing than a pure heart
which brings nothing but good

So, Glad Tidings to the ones who adhere to Tazkiyah

Written by: Ummu Ubaidah Penword, may Allaah preserve her.