One of the major things a parent must try to teach their children is how to be conscious of their Solaat….. It’s so disgusting when a mother is careless about the solaat of their children thinking they are still young. Don’t wait till 7 years before commanding them to pray. Get them used to it before that age….. Children who are cognizant of their solaat prior to age 7, need not anyone to force them to pray…..
But if your own children still find it difficult to pray at that age, then you compel them to do so…… As for solaat, do not take it lightly upon them.
If they resist on praying at age 10, flog them and don’t spare them. But if you yourself as a mother do not care about their solaat at that age, then you have a serious problem….. It’s pitiful seeing a child of 8 or 9 still toying with solaat or do not know how to pray properly. the best you could do as a parent is, to build your children from the very early stage of their life……
A lot of children will be compelled to pray at age 10 and they still feel reluctant towards it… This is an issue that brought tears to one’s eyes.

Lastly, enjoin your children to seek for Islamic knowledge…..Teach them about Tawheed, Correct creed (Aqeedah), Qur’an and others …… I don’t know why some Sunni still toy about their children’s Islamic education…. The fitnah from the people of innovation this days, is lack of proper knowledge….. We don’t know what will happen in the future time, so we need to start impacting better things on our children……

This is for the parent, most especially the mothers because I believed that, ”a good wife builds a good home” ….When the woman lack proper knowledge, the children inevitably become victim of it. Thus, the saying goes, ”charity begins at home”……

Enjoy this from part one to the end as you enjoy other stories…..

May Allah make our children the coolness of our eyes, rectify the affairs of this ummah and grant us everlasting happiness (Jannah).

Written by: Bint Abdulganiyy Ummu Sumayyah, may Allaah preserve her.


Always endeavor to train your children not cry because they want to make requests from you ….. If you keep saying you don’t want them to cry or you are disturbed whenever they cry, so you give them what they want all the time, then this is a mistake, its very wrong, know that this is a bad training and it will never favour you….. It always amazes me when a child cries to collect something important , knowing fully well that they will destroy it and yet you hand it over to them…… Don’t be surprised when he cries even at the age of 10 just because he wants something which you are not capable of….
That’s why I’m not in support of the habit of giving children Money, once they are used to it, they will always cry to ask for it and this isn’t helping their future or the contentment you want to build in them…..
When we were small and someone gave us 5 naira or 10 naira, we mustn’t spend it….. We will make sure we give it to our mum and she won’t give it back to us, she prefers to have those biscuit/sweet at home to compensate us but she hardly gives money to children….that’s even when we have the opportunity of having 10 naira, we can keep it for a week without spending it, but nowadays you will be surprised seeing a child of 3 years spending 100 naira anyhow …… And he/she requests for it like that almost everytime ….. This behaviour may lead to destruction if care is not taken

May Allah make our children the coolness of our eyes

To be continued……

Written by: Bint Abdulganiyy Ummu Sumayyah, may Allaah preserve her.