The way some sisters are suffering for practising the pristine Islam is not a joke, Kudos to those that stood firm and won the battle. I do feel disturbed whenever i see some sisters that passed through this hardship for using Hijāb while still using the Hijāb for fashion. Someone that can withstand beating and hardship but will still be fashionist with what she suffered for, are you obeying your Lord or using it for fashion sake?

I feel sad seeing them toying with their religion, joining the gang of fashion Hijabite and seeing every correction as extremism.

In fact, what majority of us abadoned and ignored should be enough as a reason for us to move closer to Allah and stop using our Hijāb for fashion. We don’t care about what the society say about us, we cover ourselves, we don’t seek high position as females, we ignore the heat and obey our lord.

Will you waste your good deeds with some sins that are easy for you to abandon!?
Is anyone forcing you to snap pictures and post them on social media?
Will Anyone force you to keep watching those movies!?If you choose to abstain from it.
Are they forcing you to gossip?
Must you join people in wearing fashion Hijab?
And so many little things simple to abstain from, we see them as something hard. Don’t let your sacrifice, sufferness, beating and maltreatment be in vain.

I do tell sisters whenever they are gossipping and I got to know. “E ma ti inu oru bo si nu INA” meaning ” don’t get to hell fire from heat ” I.e don’t be dwellers of hell fire after your sacrifice by enduring the heat of Hijab.

If someone tell you that you are too serious with religion, tell them that “that is the reason Allah created you”

My dear sister don’t just fight for Hijab, learn about tawheed, the correct creed (a’qeedah) and seek for knowledge in order to defend yourself whenever the challenges come to you.

Seeing things these days, we need to strive for knowledge. Kudos to our two sisters that are so firm in practising their religion upon all these trials, many relent because of frustration. May Allah use this as a means for many sisters who are yet to gain the freedom to be practising the prestine Islam.

May Allah reward the two sisters, may Allāh ease their affairs and grant them everlasting happiness.

May Allah give the parent more understanding about Islam and Sunnah, and bless those parents who make it easy for their children to practise the prestine Islam.

May Allah increase our own understanding too, increase our knowledge, imān and rectify the affairs of this ummah. (Ameen)

Written by: Bint Abdulganiyy Ummu Sumayyah, may Allaah preserve her.