QA390: Sir what is islamic position on preaching in public space the way the Christians do like in the bus

Sir what is islamic position on preaching in public space the way the Christians do like in the bus. is it not like a disturbance to people who don’t want to listen?


Praise be to Allah; may the blessing and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah.

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The basis is that one can and should preach and admonish people whenever there is opportunity to do such. Allah says,
“فذكر إن نفعت الذكرى”
(So remind, [ the people] whenever the reminder benefits).

As for reminding and admonishing the people whenever one finds oneself in a public bus or something similar,this isn’t a good thing particularly when one is geared towards that by the intention to imitate or counter the Christian preachers doing that.

Answered by: Ustadh Abdulghani Jumat:, Hafidhahullah.


As a religious family, don’t let environment to train your children….. It is disdainful seeing a niqobite children cursing or using bad slang and you as a mother feel adamant towards it……
The issue of exposing children to play outside is a ill-hearted idea……. Stop quoting from those that do say; children get dull when they don’t play outside…….. The way children play indoors is sufficient for a good or proper training for them especially if you know the type of environment you live. Some environments are so corrupt that when kids initiate talk, they do so using foul languages….. This is worth crying for a parent if truly you want them to be upright…..
The environment we find ourselves is unconducive that the best thing to do, is to allow your children to be indoors while also distancing your children from anyone who will get them used to foul or offensive language as part and parcel of their character……

Another point to draw also is how do we train our children to be bold? When they (children) are with their family, friends or visitors, force them to talk…..
Organize an avenue in your home where the husband give lectures and you give them room to say their mind and to equally contribute to the subject matter……. With programmes like this, they build confidence and the courage to express themselves. An avenue like such aforementioned can prepare them to give Da’awah anywhere they are, and they will have something good for the world to benefit…..

May Allah make it easy for us all

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Written by: Bint Abdulganiyy Ummu Sumayyah, may Allaah preserve her.