Decades ago, I wondered why many preachers from the Jamaa’at Iqaamatussunah Wa Izaalatul Bid’ah in Northern Nigerian could hardly preach without a swipe at Soofism (Tijaniyyah) which was too widespread in the North. It seemed like an unnecessary obsession then. With hindsight today however, I understand better that they perceived it as the greatest threat to the people’s faith and understanding of the true Sunnah at that time. It is probably Shii’ism today, as far as the North is concerned.

Down here in the South West, jalabi fetishism mingled with Soofism ruled the land until Allah directed to combat it the minds of many educated Muslim youths who heeded the call to the Sunnah in higher institutions of learning – as ill equipped as they generally were for the challenge.

That lingering general ill-equipment, especially as regards the prime place of tawheed and the legacy of the pious predecessors (Salaf) in matters of rulership and relating with leaders, brought about the present day challenge: the appeal of Ikhwaanee da’wah that has ravaged Muslim lands with a promise of establishing Muslim governments.

Unlike all other dangers however, this one lifts a fake banner of the Sunnah with one hand and disguises as a call to rule by the Sharee’ah. Only few people can see it for what it really is if not for the frequent warnings from the great scholars of the Ummah and the recent events exposing its evil in Syria and the Arab Spring of recent years.

That some people among us repeatedly warn against it and never seem to look away from its menace is therefore understandable even if it has earned them bad names as unlearned, self-seekers, rabble rousers, etc. from the Ikhwaanees themselves and individuals who ought to know better but for human nature.

Who knows where we would be by now had everyone of us chosen their own path!

You don’t go to sleep with a thief lurking in the corner of your house. The one who seeks to destroy the creed is a thief. We cannot go to sleep for as long as he lurks in the corner, and by Allah, if human praise in itself were a rightful purpose for a believer, it would be better sought from people much better than those name callers whose manners behind the scene often dwarf what they criticize in the open.

While not claiming perfection, we beg those people to know that we fear their praise worse than their disparagement, and to Allah alone is our complaint.

Written by: Sheikh Murtado Alade Adedokun, Hafidhahullah.

On the Issue of Ikhwaan: What Is our Sin?

Some people ascribed to knowledge in this country see you as a mutashaddid because you warn against al-Ikhwaan al-Muslimun and their heresies which have thrown the Muslim countries into chaos and political unrest and instability.

Initially those people defending them said to the youths in order to mislead them ” Don’t mind those refuting the Ikhwaan; they are mutashaddidun who are trying to divide the Ummah ( Ahlus-sunnah) ,who have deviated from what the great scholars of Sunnah are upon in Saudi Arabia and out side Arabia.”
Having heard this, we started posting on social media the fataawa of those mashaayikh of Sunnah on the Ikhwaan starting from that of sheikh Ibn Baaz (died 1999) down to Albaani ( died 1999) down to Ibn al-Uthaimeen ( died 2001) down to Muqbil al-Waadi’ī (died 2001). These are the four most leading scholars of Sunnah in the contemporary time. They all spoke against the manhaj of the Ikhwaan before their death……………..READ MORE