I want to ask a question
An I T student came to work today and ask of my no which I gave him. He did a transaction of #1000 VTU via Zenith Bank. I was surprised thinking it was from one of my Boss at Oke-Mosan. I called my Boss to Thank him,he said he’s not the one that I should check the no. I called the no Along the line l discovered it was from one of the IT student. I warned him never to do that again that he is still a student and I’m in the position to give him not him to…… My phone is in auto renewal of 1g data. I later called him is he working he said yes that he is doing clearing and forward and his friends said that’s the way he do. Please should I return the buy card and return it or accept because I don’t want Haram.


If you are a female, you need to be careful.

First, you shouldn’t give your number to any strange male except out of dire necessity. If you are married, it is better you don’t keep male contact or give out your contact without your husband’s consent.

In this case, one needs to know why the brother has sent you this airtime. Is it to appreciate your courtesy and service, this gift should be with your boss’ consent.
Is it for other reasons. You need to know.
Then you may decide to accept or return it.

Moreso, you should be very careful in relating with him if he is going to begin work with you.
You should also not pick his calls if he calls unnecessarily. Everthing ends in the office.

If however, you are not married, he may be interested in you.
If you think he is ok as a partner, find out about his deen, person and origin, then let him go to your parents without delay, if you are pleased to be with him as a partner.

May Allah guide us and you to that which earns us His pleasure, and save us from all that lead to His wrath

Answered by Ustaadh Jaleel Aromire, Abu ‘AbdisSalaam, Hafidhahullah