Asalam alaykum waramotullahi wabarakatuhu, is it permissible for a sister to remove her socks while going to meet a brother’s family (her fiance) just to avoid problems/issues before getting married and they both love themselves?
Please I need a quick advice or answer to this.


Putting on socks, initially, is not a compulsory dressing for female Muslims. The basis is to make sure the foot is covered. The need for socks came in order to avoid exposure of the leg during movement and at other necessities, e.g, when praying.

This is something too that should not be taken lightly, as anything that helps to avoid exposing the awrah is highly required.

In this case, it is the brother that should come to your parents, not you going to his parents. If your parents are not against it, the brother does not need his parents’ consent before marrying you. So, let the brother tell his parents that they can see you when they come for a’qdu or after. You and the brother also need to let them know your position in the deen. If the brother is upright, he should be able to handle this with his parent. It shouldn’t be your headache.

Also, you need to know that visiting each other, exchanging unnecessary pleasantries, before a’qdu-nikah, is a way of the unbelievers. This is courtship that may lead to evil. Know that it is not over until it is over.

Answered by Ustaadh Jaleel Aromire, Abu ‘AbdisSalaam, Hafidhahullah