Assalam alaykum Ustaz, pls! Is there any implication of calling to prayer before its due time? For instance, fajr time now is 5.39am, is there any implication if the caller call the adhan at 5.30am.

Secondly, regarding the uses of perfumes for men, is it correct that perfumes that contains alcohol (to be precise Ethanol) that is prohibited and that other family of the compound are halal in the use of perfumes, jazakumullah khayran.


Calling prayers before the time has many implications, some of Which are:
Some people may pray before the time.

People may not Know the correct time.

Fasting people may break their fast before the time, etc. Lets avoid it.

Concerning alcoholic drinks, the only consumable alcohol family is the ethanol family. Others are said to be too poisonuous for consumption.

However, alcohol consumption, generally, is forbidden. A muslim should abstain completely from it.
Some scholars opine that, if it is not external use, and the content is negligible, such that ot has no effect as such on the product like perfume, disinfectant, one may use it.

Again, we say, being on a safer side is not using it at all, expecially when there are alternatives

Answered by Ustaadh Jaleel Aromire, Abu ‘AbdisSalaam, Hafidhahullah