Assalaamu alaykum

There is a small mosque in Lagos (not up-to 3 rows) that started jumu’a early last year, now they still observe Jumu’a though it’s possible that they might not be up-to 50 in the mosque.

Can one observe Jumu’a in such mosque?

In this period I mean


In this period, what is correct is to pray at home. One should avoid mixing with the people as much as possible. This is not against the shariah.
The prophet would ask the muazhin to add to the call to the prayer; ‘ pray in your homes’ This is for rain and other similar situations. For this pandemic, we are more deserving of this.
May Allah save us from all evils

Answered by Ustaadh Jaleel Aromire, Abu AbdisSalaam, Hafidhahullah