Asalamun question is as follows: you were asked to look for a land for a particular person who wanted to buy it and you were supposed to have your agent fees but the seller asks you to add whatever amount you may wish on the land as being your reward for looking for a buyer. Is that allowed in Islam?


Wa’alaikumus Salam warahmatuLlah wabarakaatuh.
I think there is a good way to do the transaction free from Haram, if you are a land’s seller, or an agent that deals with land, just buy the land with your money, and resell it at any amount you want.
But in a situation where you have no money to buy the land to resell, you should negotiate what will you labour or fees with the person that comes to your agency. Allah knows best!

Answered by Ustaadh Abdullateef Tanimola, Abu Haneefah, Hafidhahullah