Assalaamu alaykum sir

There is a brother who to marry a sister.

The sister’s parents insist he must prostrate or squat to greet them before they can at least accept him.

The sister was very disturbed about it and she persuaded the brother to do what the parents want as she said her parents will stop requesting for prostration and squatting as a way of greeting after awhile.

The brother eventually refused to do so and he said it is a great sin in Islam and he said he doesn’t prostrate or squat to greet anybody even his parents, he also persuaded the sister to stop kneeling down to greet the people because she does it

Please what your advice for the brother and the sister sir ???

JazakumuLlaahu Khairan may Allaah preserve you upon goodness


The brother and sister should remain steadfast and seek Allah’s help. All hearts are in His hands.
The sister should also try to stop doing it for his parents.

They could get an upright sunni ustaadz or a respected person who understands this issue to explain to the parents.

Thereafter, the sister should make them realize that anyone she wants to come with, other than the brother, will be like him in this regard.

Moreso, the sister must understand that it is haram and she must be resolute so as not to compromise.

However, they both must show utmost respect to the parents in other ways

May Allah strenghten them and make a way out for them.

Answered by Ustaadh Jaleel Aromire, Abu AbdisSalaam, Hafidhahullah