Between Creed and Correct Manners


The book Mawsoo’atul Albaanee Fil ‘Aqeedah, tells us that correct creed like that of the pious predecessors is an essential precondition for correct Islamic manners, correct Islamic jurisprudence and in fact all correct practice of Islam in any form.

There can be no excellent manners without excellent creed. In the absence of correct creed, all claims to correct manners must be faulty in some way or other as there is bound to be inbalance and excesses.

Without the right creed, Muslims are wont to be either gullibly obedient like the followers of Soofee teachers who question nothing before believing them (and that is termed respect for teachers), or too untrusting of authentic texts to submit to them like all heretically active Muslim groups who only measure faith by parameters like social agitation and challenging leaders.

And there are individuals who lay claim to manners but whose wobbly creed leans essentially to either or both groups above in different ways: Respect and manners to them is to be foolishly submissive and massage egos at the expense of the truth, and true da’wah to them is to blend all heresies together in the name of “Muslim unity”, all because they got the creed wrong.

The creed is like an engine to the chasis of a car. For as long as it remains crooked, for so long shall we remain unbalanced and far from the exemplary Muslim manners.

The creed first!

Written by: Sheikh Murtado Adedokun, Hafidhahullah, from his Facebook page.