Till when will you be bamboozled by the misleading preachers?

You will easily realize the ignorance of our people through their inability to recognize the scholars who deserve to be emulated. And, you will know their naughtiness by their turning away from the way of salvation which is the way of the Messenger of Allah(peace be upon him).
You will never see them listening to the scholars of truth, those who invite them to succeed here and in the hereafter, rather they follow satanic preachers – magicians and charm makers.
The sufists among the so-called preachers prove Sufism to them as the way of salvation with full lies against The Almighty Allah Who sent His Messenger with guidance and true religion.
The sectarian preachers follow their passions and opinions, and whenever they are refuted they keep saying: ” understanding current issue ” , as well as some other baseless and mendacious talks. When their followers are stimulated, it yields nothing other than adhering to their scholars, since they admire misguidance more than guidance, and Bid’ah more than Sunnah. May Allah safe us!.
There are other categories of scholars- title bearers. Ignorant people are bamboozled by them to the extent that they hardly ever satisfy except with their speech and verdict. If anyone (among the anonymous people without title) contradicts their scholars, that is the beginning of battle!. It seems as if their scholars are infallible.
The most surprising of all is to see someone who is knowledgeable defending these title bearing scholars, despite all their heinous errors and manifest lapses. To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return!!!.
Till when will people be in a state of silliness, while foolishness is driving them( to no where), and they are meandered ( in perplexity).
We supplicate Allah to bless us with pious scholars who value not life most, for Allah is The Most Benevolent, The Most Generous, and Capable of answering the invocations.

Written By :Shaykh Abdulghaffar ONIWIRIDI, hafizoullah