Ramadaan in Lockdown

AlhamduliLlaah that we are blessed to witness the first day of Ramadaan, may Allaah preserve us to witness more to come.

I want to talk to you about a great opportunity which you have in this Ramadaan which you might never have again till you meet Allaah

A lot of people have been complaining since the inception of the lockdown that they are idle and have nothing to do, people have resorted to things that never imagined they could do before just because there is enormous time with nothing to do with it. If you don’t mind I have a suggestion. Alas it is utilising this time in ibadaat,  I have never witnessed a Ramadaan that has such a great amount of free time in my life, let utilise this time to do various ibadaat and recite the Quran a lot.

Imam JalaluDeen As-sayuti in his book Al-itqaan fi ulumil Quran mentioned a narration from ibn Abbaas that the letters in the Quran is 300k+ , so imam sayuti mutliplied this figure by 10 due to the hadith of the prophet that says anyone who recite the Quran get 10 rewards for each letter he utters , so he arrived at above 3.6 million which is the least reward a person would acquire for completing the recitation of the Quran, now imagine someone debit your bank account with such money, imagine how happy you would be, now imagine again you working for such reward and depositing it in your bank of hasanaat .

The gist does not end here, in another report , the prophet said the rewards of deeds are multiplied by 10 in Ramadaan, so multiply this 3.6 million by 10 we have 36 million, imagine amassing that in just a month, Allaahu Akbar. This is for someone who completed one , what about those who completed two, three, four, five, or those who complete a whole Quran daily.

Lastly, we should note that this is just the least you get when you recite the Quran with ikhlas and concentration, but the more you are engrossed in this recitation and you fulfil the rites of  Quran recitation the more your reward, so you might be getting 100 and not 10 for each lettters if you recite the Quran correctly , hence your reward would exceed 360 million and above.

My dear Muslim brethren, let strive towards this in this blessed month of Ramadaan ..

How to complete recitation of the Quran in Ramadaan.

Before subhi 2 pages and 2 pages after = 4

Before dhur  2 pages and 2 after = 4

Before Asr 2 pages and 2 after = 4

Before magrib 2 pages and 2 pages after = 4

Before ishaa 2 pages and 2 pages after = 4

Everything summed up together is 20 which makes a juz of the Quran, the Quran has 30 juz , If you can stick to this format till the end of Ramadaan, you would finish one juz a day for 30 days which means you are able to complete a full recitation.

For anyone who wants to recite more than that, then multiply the figure by 2 ,i.e 4 pages before and after every solawaat which is 40 all together , hence you complete 2 Quran .

Baarakallaahu feekum

Moon Sighted.

We give all praise to Allaah for giving us a great gift which is the chance and opportunity to also meet this blessed month of romadon.

We should not that this month encompasses a lot of treasures, hence we should strive to amass as much as possible.

Before any other thing, we must ensure that we purify our souls and minds and ensure that we dedicate all acts of ibadah to Allaah alone, we should not do any form of ibadah for tge sake of praises popularity etc.

In this month, we are urged to make sure we monitor all the obligatory acts of worship, tarawih , recitation of the Quran or any other thing should not be placed above the five daily solawaat.

After ensuring we carry out these obligatory prayers with all our strength and might we should engage in ;

*Reading and memorising the Quran

  • Tarawih prayers which is to be prayed in our various houses
    *Feeding the poor
    *Doing lot of adhkar and istihfar
  • Listening to lectures a

And also

Avoiding all forms of sins,
Idle talks
Listening to or viewing prohibited things like music , pornography , and the likes
Fighting .

May Allaah accept all as acts of ibadah.

We should also ensure we comply with the instructions of the government on the coronavirus pandemic ..

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuH may we have the cause to greet other for eidul fitr in good health and abundant wealth