Revealing the evil creed of the satanic group called -Tijjaniyyah- part 1

BismiLlaahi Rahmaani Raheem

I made a vow that after Ramadan ,I would be writing some articles to enlighten the unaware Muslims on the corrupt ideologies entrenched in the books of the founders of the Sufi subsect called tijjaniyyah, and propagated stylishly or explicitly -shamelessly- by the Sufi preachers in Nigeria and far beyond . people hastily defend the founders of tijjanniyah claiming the atrocities being perpetuated today by neo-Tijjanis was not what they preached , this claim is not correct as i would -in shaa Allaah- provide the words of the founder himself from their most authentic book called jawahirul ma’ani to show that the followers took only a tip of an iceberg from what he himself use to believe and teach in terms of heresies and disbelief.

These set of erroneous beliefs i would be mentioning are held by all Sufi subsects, even worse in some other groups, but due to the fact that tijjaniyyah is the most popular sect among them,I chose them particularly,what applies to tijanniyyah, applies to all other sufi sects, as they are like brothers from different mothers, their foundations are the same, they only differ slightly on secondary issues .

First of all, the Sufi tijjaniyyah group was created by a man called Abul Abbaas Ahmad bn Muhammad At-Tijjaani who was born 1150 years after hijrah, in a village called Ainu Mādhī, meaning this group was not known to Muslims who lived 1150 years before the birth of Ahmad At-Tijaani. Though there is no knowledge based account or proof that Ahmad tijjaniy has any link to Hassan the son of Ali -RodiyyaLlaahu anhumaa- , notwithstanding, he falsely claimed he saw the prophet in wakefulness and he told him he is from the progeny of Hasan, this can be found in vl 1 page 31/32 of the book jawahirul ma’ani.

Nevertheless, Ahmad Tijani started his life seeking the knowledge of sharia and memorised the Quran at a very young age, he learnt books of fiqh ,arobiyya and its adab from the scholars of his vicinity, then set out to further seek knowledge, but due to an unfortunate occurrence, Ahmad tijani later had to settle in an area called Abu samgun ,Dr Muhammad Tāhir Maigare in his biography of Ibrahim niyass p 12 mentioned the reason why he had to settled in the desert of Abu samgaan, he mentioned that sheikh Ibn Qāsim Az-zayyaani mentioned that while Ahmad tijjaniy was in tilmisaan(in Algeria) he used to preoccupy himself with a chemical called elixir which was what the people used in the olden days to make fake currencies, he was later arrested and jail by the Turkish ruler in Algeria then called Muhammad uthman, he was later banished from tilmisaan completely, and banned from staying in any of the lands under the control of Muhammad uthman, due to this he moved to the desert called Abu samgun , The stay of Ahmad tijjaniy in this desert was also briefly mentioned in jawahirul ma’ani vl 2 page 271 . It should be noted that Dr Muhammad Tāhir mentioned that Ibn Qāsim Az-zayyaani was a contemporary to Ahmad tijani, and they lived in the same district ,and Ahmad tijjaniyyah died 18 years before him, Ibn Qāsim gave this issue a great amount of concern as he went ahead to mention it in two of his books,the first one called At-Tarjamānul kubra and the second one Ar-Rawdatu Salamāniyyah fī muluki Ad-Dawlatil ismā’iliyyah .

It was in this desert ,his students like Ali harazim(the one who compiled the words of ahmad tijjanni in a book and titled it jawahirul ma’ani), Muhammad mishri and others would visit him frequently until they finally settled permanently in this desert with him. After all the crimes perpetuated by Ahmad tijjaniy,it was in this village he finally claimed to have met the prophet and received the tijāniyyah cult from him. This cult he falsely claim the prophet gave him is filled with series of deviation from pristine Islam which the prophet brought and was known to the early generation of Muslims, ideologies that are completely alien to the Quran and Sunnah, and the prophet said in hadith reported by Bukhari (7277) and Muslim (867) that the worst matters are the newly invented matters, same way Paul lied to have seen prophet Eesa to take the Christians away from the part of Nabī Eesa, Ahmad tijāniy also lied to have met the prophet to take the Muslims away from the true Islam and take them to polytheism and disbelief.

Watch out for the subsequent parts of this article where I would – in shaa Allaah – quote the words of Ahmad tijāni himself to expose many of his erroneous beliefs and false claims

Written by: A slave of Allaah.