In and out it goes, with
its every actions drawing
us closer to reality.

Look how we work so hard,
sometimes forgetting about
the certainty.

What are we chasing for,
when we don’t need more.

Oh! When will it be?
Our last breathe that holds
much more than just the air.

For it takes away our
love for the world,
leading us into the darkness
of the underworld.

It makes our mind the slave
of itself, as it flashes
back to the very beginning
of its existence.

To the Man with ears that listen
and eyes that see, use
every breathe like it’s
your last.

Written by: Ummu Ubaidah Penword, may Allaah preserve her.


What if we know that death is imminent and certain?

Has our knowledge of it impelled us to do good or bad??

Sometimes I wonder what goes in the heart of Man when he hears about the death of another, He feels sorry, sad and he worries about when he would meet the same fate.

But these feelings are just for a while before the worldly affairs devour his thoughts and he gets carried away.

As a Muslim, we should know that the world is not a place to rest, because the days and years we are to spend in this world are nothing compared to the time we would spend in the grave (Subhanallah!)

Everyone wants to feel the giety of life, relax and live life to its fullest, not minding the time they waste going after their desires.

Every minutes of our life is precious and we don’t even know which may be the last, why not let us work harder just so to make our days alone in the grave bearable, because once we are six feet under the ground, there won’t be a chance to do the usual act of ibadah.

A time when the soul that follows the will of Allah wishes he had done more on earth, while the heathen who rejected the words of Allah will regret and also wishes he had another chance to come back to the world and live his life as a Muslim.

Being alive means we’ve still got a chance to tread on the path of truth and follow sincerely the words of Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him).

Because we never can say when we will answer the call of Death!!!.

But One Day…

Written by: BY


Their vitality lies in pleasing their lord
With their gleeful laughter sparkling
with a thud, repudiating all the pleasures
of this duniya in honouring
their chastity and haya (shyness).

The Women Of Jannah
In their jilbab attire, they find peace.
Inside their khimar, they feel no heat,
for the love of their Deen, it seems so ease
With their inciting instinct,
they are full of light.

The Women of Jannah
They are the precious gem,
The Queen of Islam
for in words and actions,
they show modesty as they
strive towards pleasing their Rabb.

The Women Of Jannah
They are different, practical and
responsible and their serenity is
their strength for they
aren’t impressed by money,
clothes or fame because
they establish their career with
the guidance of Allah

~The Women Of Jannah

Written by: Sa’ad AbdulAzeez O. (Aboo Hudhayfah) & Ummu Ubaidah Penword, may Allaah preserve them both.