Decades ago, I was invited by some youths to discuss “Greetings in Islam” in their mosque of which nearly all the alfas were Markaz products. They attended in a large number having been informed that “one Tablighi afa” was coming to “disgrace himself”.

It surprised the youths that despite my asserting the very things for which the alfas had always antagonized them as ignorant fellows, there was not even as much as a question from any of the alfas when I finished. It was rather broad smiles and warm “Ẹ ku iṣẹ” (well done).

The secret?

Knowing the prevalent creedal deficiency regarding الولاء والبراء, I quoted no hadith unless it was from a book in my hand entitled
الإسلام وتقاليد الجاهلية في بلاد يوروبا
Islam and Pre-Islamic Traditions in Yoruba Land

And there were indeed more than enough in the book for the topic. The author is the late founder of Markaz, Sheikh Adam Al-Ilori (may Allah accept his good deeds and forgive him).

The creed first!

Written by: Sheikh Murtala Alade Adedokun, Hafidhahullah, in his Facebook page.