On the Issue of Ikhwaan, what is our sin?

Some people ascribed to knowledge in this country see you as a mutashaddid because you warn against al-Ikhwaan al-Muslimun and their heresies which have thrown the Muslim countries into chaos and political unrest and instability.

Initially those people defending them said to the youths in order to mislead them ” Don’t mind those refuting the Ikhwaan; they are mutashaddidun who are trying to divide the Ummah ( Ahlus-sunnah) ,who have deviated from what the great scholars of Sunnah are upon in Saudi Arabia and out side Arabia.”
Having heard this, we started posting on social media the fataawa of those mashaayikh of Sunnah on the Ikhwaan starting from that of sheikh Ibn Baaz (died 1999) down to Albaani ( died 1999) down to Ibn al-Uthaimeen ( died 2001) down to Muqbil al-Waadi’ī (died 2001). These are the four most leading scholars of Sunnah in the contemporary time. They all spoke against the manhaj of the Ikhwaan before their death.

Although al-Lajnah ad-Daaimah in Saudi Arabia headed then by sheikh Ibn Baaz originally spoke well of them, the members of the Lajnah later condemned their manhaj in their individual fataawa like that of Ibn Baaz before his death and the other mashaayikh did a similar thing when they got to know their true colour which they had concealed from them before that time. All these happened before the so called ” Arab Spring” -which was greatly fueled by the Ikhwaan and their offshoots- started.
Later in the year 2017, Hay,at Kibaar al-‘Ulamaa, the larger body to al-Lajnah ad-Daa,imah issued joint fataawa condemning the manhaj of the Ikhwaan excommunicating from the fold of Ahlus-sunnah, describing them as a group that is only interested in political power, ready to compromise and do anything to achieve it, not nterested in disseminating the aqeedah and manhaj of the people Sunnah.
The question now is, why have these people in our country who atributted their position of defence of the Ikhwaan to the senior scholars hidden these fataawa( their individual fataawa or their collective ones) of these scholars from the youths and the innocent souls ? Undoubtedly, the answer to that is, something fishy is going on.
Alhamdu lillah,however, the truth has been made known to the serious youths who care to know the true position and the position of the scholars of Sunnah on these deviant group whose members through out the world have made known their uncontrollable hatred for the Muslim rulers who do not share their ideology, particularly that of Saudi Arabia. They spread all sorts of fake news in other to gear the citizens against the ruler(s) so as destabilize the country or countries.

The senior scholars of Sunnah that are still alive are seriously warning against the Ikhwaan and those that are defending them. This is because the Ikhwaan through out the world have not ceased to spread fake news that would destabilise the countries and they have not ceased to incite the masses as it is even evident in the write-ups of some of their members on the social media here in our country.

Hence, when we caution the youths not to fall for those sympathisers of the Ikhwaan in our society, what sin have we committed to be labelled mutashaddidun?

We are people of texts and not blind lovers of certain individuals who will refuse to follow the truth or drop it or be selective when to follow it, because our sheikhs have gone astray or chosen to go astray on a particular issue despite the clear evidences.

Hence,if sticking to the truth upon which the scholars of Sunnah are both past and present is what makes one a mutashaddid, let the mankind and the Jinn testify that we are mutashaddidun.

Written bySheikh ‘AbdulGaniy Jumah from his Facebook page

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