If you must eat

If you must eat

Make sure what you take in is balanced diet. Not necessarily it must be expensive with little cash you can get balance diet foods. What is required is to have the information about balance diet. With technical know how one can get balanced diet food with #200. Don’t hesitate to ask experts on technical know how on this!

Eat when you are hungry don’t just for eating sake or just want to keep your mouth busy

Always remember to divide your stomach into three ; one for food, another for water and other one for breathing.
Don’t eat to the fullest as this will bounce back on you and pose dangers to your health.

Don’t take advantage of free aqeeqah foods to endanger yourself with eating beyond boundaries. Your body will only retain required nutrients from the food and you may suffer for the excess by frequently paying visit to the toilet.

Try to share foods with others as there are Barakah in sharing.

Try to maintain consumption of organic natural foods and avoid junks foods as the latter pose more danger than benefits and many contemporary terminal diseases are attributed to them.

Written by: Imaam Jamiu AbdulQuadri, Hafidhahullah