Greatest Deceit

Sheikh al-Fawzan: The Greatest Deceit to the Muslims is to Keep Silent on the people of innovations

( The questioner says: Is not refuting the people of innovations as well as concealing their evil and defending them considered as deceit to the Muslims?

Answer: This is part of the greatest deceit; to be silent on the people of innovations and not to explain their innovations is part of decieving the Muslims. And if added to this that he praises and eulogises them, then this will be worst and more repugnant. And Allah’s protection is saught.
Hence, what is compulsory on the one who has knowledge is to explain the innovations and the newly introduced matters [ in the deen], he should forbid them and warn against them and he should not keep mute. This is because keeping mute is concealment of [ knowledge].

“As for those who hide the proofs and guidance We send down, after We have made them clear to people in the Scripture, God rejects them, and so do others*unless they repent, make amends, and declare the truth. I will certainly accept their repentance: I am the Ever Relenting, the Most Merciful.”
It is not permissible for the one who has knowledge to be silent on innovations and violations and he will not explain them to the people; this is because if he keeps silent, the people would use him as evidence and they would say: , were it to be haram so and so scholar would be silent on it while he sees it.)

الشيخ صالح الفوزان: أكبر الغش للمسلمين السكوت عن أهل البدع

(يقول السائل: هل عدم الرد على أهل البدع وكتمان باطلهم والدفاع عنهم يعتبر من الغش للمسلمين؟
الجواب :هذا من أكبر الغش ، السكوت عن أهل البدع وعدم بيان بدعهم هذا من الغش للمسلمين، فإذا انصاف إلى هذا أنه يمدحهم ويثني عليهم فهذا أشد وأنكر والعياذ بالله
فالواجب على من عنده علم أن يبين البدع والمحدثات وأن ينهى عنها ويحذر منها ولا يسكت ، فالسكوت هذا من الكتمان، ” إن الذين يكتمون ما أنزلنا من البينات والهدى من بعد ما بيناه للناس في الكتاب أولئك يلعنهم الله ويلعنهم اللاعنون* إلا الذين تابو وأصلحوا وبينوا فأولئك أتوب عليهم وأنا التواب الرحيم “
لا يجوز للمسلم الذي عنده علم أن يسكت عن البدع والمخالفات ولا يبينها للناس لأنه إذا سكت احتج الناس به وقالوا لو كان هذا محرما أو ممنوعا ما سكت العالم الفلاني وهو يراه)

Written by: Sheikh ‘AbdulGaniy Juma’h, Hafidhahullah.