Creed Matters (6)

Creed Matters (6)

The creed of the Ahlussunnah Waljamaa’ah regarding the names and attributes of Allah is that they affirm for Him whatever He or His Messenger affirms for Him. And this can only be learnt in the Qur,aan or the Hadith – no third source. They approve of no name or description for Allah outside these two sources. He is only what He or His Messenger calls Him, and is only as He or His Messenger describes Him.

They do not say His names are just ninety-nine, but they also do not accept that anyone after the Prophet could have discovered any ‘hidden names of Allah’ beyond what he (the Prophet) taught his Ummah.

To claim so is to indict the Prophet of having hidden part of the message, or arrogantly arrogate to oneself the knowledge of what the Prophet must have been ignorant of. Allah simply hid some names of His from all creation including the Prophet, but he certainly taught the Ummah all that he was sent with. As a matter of fact, there was never any secret knowledge that he hid from his companions, only to be discovered, learnt or taught by anyone after him.

Allah’s hidden names are not discoverable by anybody, or any sheikh’s experience, just as his attributes can only be learnt from the twin revelations only: the Qur,aan and the Sunnah.

If he is described by anyone using any strange words unknown in the Sunnah, the qualifier is first asked what he intends by it, and according to whether it conforms or not with the Sunnah, it is accepted or rejected by the Ahlussunnah Waljamaa’ah.

If the door of innovating names and descriptions for Allah can be shut, the door to many other serious innovations is closed forever.

Written by: Sheikh Murtado Adedokun, Hafidhahullah