Quest for Justice

Nigeria as a country has its constitution which makes provision for human rights at all levels including freedom of religious practice and right to choose one’s favorable suitor (as husband or wife). In order to actualize this, there are governmental agencies assigned these responsibilities such as: Judiciary and law enforcement agencies. However, to one’s surprise, people have been deprived this human right as a result of corrupt attitude of individual working for the interest of justice, most especially, judges and policemen.
Here is the brief story of how judges and policemen fight against justice, but promote corruption and injustice.
There are cases of two young girls by names: Madeenah and Basheerah of ages 22 and 21 respectively, who are presently the victims of this sad story here in Ilorin. They were severely tortured on several occasions by their parents in collaboration with an Islamic cleric – Erolalijannah.
There was a time when these girls were confined and tortured in the custody of the so-called Erolalijannah for three days, after then they were transferred to a village, so that they could be sternly dealt with.
More shamefully, the policemen were involved in these scenarios but this did not yield fruitful result. Later on, when the torture got to its culmination, one of the two sisters (Basheerah) fled from home in December 2019, when her parent cared not to waste her life. While the second girl (Madeenah) was unfortunate to fall victim of abduction, rape and inhuman treatment by Erolalijannah – the masterminder of this event, Abdul-Fatai (a student of Erolalijannah) and her father. She was forcefully taken to a man’s house by name Abdul-Fatai (Erolalijannah’s student) without legal marriage, and later taken to a village where she faced a lot of inhuman treatments including beating and rape.
Presently, she is carrying an unwanted pregnancy (almost six months old). More importantly, when this girl (Madeenah) was taken back to Ilorin, she found her way out of the illegal husband’s house some months back, and her case was reported at the police headquarter and the case was filed in court.
Unfortunately, the content of the case was altered and the rape was removed by policemen before taking to court. This is very pathetic!
The worst part of this was that the criminals were released and the complainant (Madeenah) was detained and confined by the Judge’s ruling. But fortunately with the intervention of female lawyers who contacted the permanent secretary of woman affairs and the chief justice, the girl was released, and application for transfer of the case was submitted to the state high court.
Furthermore, the second girl (Basheerah) whose case has also been filed in court, was pronounced wanted after seventh month of leaving her father’s house after being disowned and oppressed. Unfortunately, two innocent gentle men were arrested on the 7th July, 2020 as suspects, charged to court and jailed tentatively at Mandala Prison yard on 8th July, 2020 when the judge failed to grant their bails. This is a great injustice!
Lastly, we hereby appeal to the Chief Justice (both at state and national levels), and the Inspector General of Police to intervene in this matter before it gets out of control, so that JUSTICE CAN PREVAIL.


In and out it goes, with
its every actions drawing
us closer to reality.

Look how we work so hard,
sometimes forgetting about
the certainty.

What are we chasing for,
when we don’t need more.

Oh! When will it be?
Our last breathe that holds
much more than just the air.

For it takes away our
love for the world,
leading us into the darkness
of the underworld.

It makes our mind the slave
of itself, as it flashes
back to the very beginning
of its existence.

To the Man with ears that listen
and eyes that see, use
every breathe like it’s
your last.

Written by: Ummu Ubaidah Penword, may Allaah preserve her.

Stick to the way of the Companions

We would continue to differ as long as we subject the deen to the intellect, since our background and orientation differ ,likewise our reasoning.

But alhu sunnah, despite the distance between them. You would always see them saying the same thing, their usool is the same, waLlaahi many of us have not met each other before and we barely know each other, but when we talk, you would think there is someone dictating to us what ti say , yes we have truly have someone dictating what to say to us.

I can’t deny this fact that there is someone dictating to us that we can’t oppose, if we oppose him we are thrown out of the party of Allaah, and left to with disgrace and humiliation, who is this person dictating to us ? It is the prophet, we try as much as possible to be in line with what he brought and taught the companions, how do we know what he taught the companions ? We know through the companions, they are the ones who passed the Quran and Sunnah to us, and they did not pass it to us to bend its injunctions to the direction of or whims and Caprices, rather they explained both to us in great details , so explanation they make, we regard it as what they heard from the prophet , as long as no one contradicts them on it. So we are blind followers of the prophet alhamduliLlah, he is the one dictating to us , we would sacrifice anything to defend what he preached and left the companions upon.

As for those who follow the invented ideologies of their group, like the jabatiyyah, who follow Muhammad Ali jabata, or the ikhwanul muslimoon with his three branches who follow the delusions of Hassan Albanna sayyid Qutb and Muhammad surur , or the neo-sufi who called themselves tablighs who follow a Sufi Ash’ari man called khandalawi , and others, these people have deviated from the true guidance of the prophet, and they have forsaken the correct meaning of the texts of the Quran and sunnah for their own whims, they would also quote the Quran and hadith, but according to their own delusions and fantasy , just like the jabatiyyah groups would always claim the word of the prophet
كل بدعة ضلالة “
Every innovation is misguidance “

Means all innovators are disbelievers, this is because they have interpreted this hadith in a way which the companions never did , the word misguidance encompasses sins and disbelief, so how can rbey restrict it to disbelief? The only evidence they would provide to strengthen this claim is their intellect and not evidence from the way the companions understood that hadith, but we know the companions never made takfeer on all innovators since they use to pray behind the khowarij, which shows they did not make takfeer on all innovators, .

So my brothers and sisters this is how dangerous and detrimental it is to jettison the understanding of the companions for our own faulty and corrupt understanding, people, people now bend verses and hadith to defend alien ideologies, even ideologies like feminism which originated in Europe, I have seen a Christian also trying ti defend Christianity with verse of the Quran, we should ditch this act and stick to the explanation of the companions.

In this way, the ranks of the Muslims would be united, and their hearts would be ignited, the Muslims can only stand against the oppressions they suffer in the hands of their adversaries when they bow to Islam and stop making Islam bow to them.

Written by: A Slave Of Allaah, Hafidhahullah.