Can I ask people to boycott France products?

France Boycott

The people of Sunnah are balance in their actions because they are guided by the Kitaab and Sunnah , not by emotions like some who possess low understanding , and have short knowledge!

No any sane Muslim will be happy with someone abusing or cursing our prophet , Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him , and no any same Muslim will react to that in a way that the prophet doesn’t recommend, so therefore we need to fight for our prophet by using the ways recommended by him , may Allah be please with him .

An individual can boycott the France products if he or she wishes but is not advisable for an individual to ask other people to boycott their products, because that is the due right of the ruler , may Allah protect us.

And we shouldn’t be deceived by the boycotting of those who are innovators, that doesn’t stop them from being such , we should try to understand this point very well .

Lastly, most of those shouting boycotting up and down will find it difficult to boycott if the products to be boycotted are the products of China and America and so on , because the Slippers they use in their toilet are even produced by both of them and many other things .

So no matter the situation may be , we still need to follow the teachings of Islam in all our actions and dealings, may Allah rectify our affairs!

Written by: Ustaadh Hassan Solahudeen, Hafidhahullah.

4 thoughts on “Can I ask people to boycott France products?

  1. Wa’alaykumus-Salām WarahmotuLLāh, Bismillãh Was-Solaatu Wa-Salaam alaa Rosuulillāh.

    Afterwards, my honourable brother in Islām, nobody says there is no boycott in Islām as long as there are direct and supportive clear-cut evidences on it. And I think you misunderstood the answer of the Ustaadh as you also unnecessarily brought proofs for clarification of your points which exhibit the punishment for any Muslim who is oblivious towards his/her responsibilities in the Deen of Al-Islām like that of Three Companions [not Ka’b and other three companions according to your refutation] namely Ka’b Ibn Maalik, Hilaal ibn Umayyah and Murōroh Ibn Ar-Robīh rodiyaLLāhu an’hum who were deserted by the noble Prophet ﷺ because they were left behind the Tabūk War (Musnad Ahmad 15789 & Soheeh Muslim 2769) with respect to Husband and wives within the Islamic Directives.
    Henceforth, your objection to compare the boycott of the Kuffaar Products with the Situation of Companions is laughable.

    There are obvious injunctions on such punishment as revealed to the Prophet ﷺ, also I want you to remember what Allāh says in Sūrat Ash-Shūroh, Qur’ān 42:21:-
    Or have they partners with Allaah (false gods), who have instituted for them a religion which Allāh has not allowed.

    Furthermore, no one could forbids what Allaah has made lawful except with the distinct proofs from Qur’ān.

    Boycott of their {Kuffaar} products is impossible for the generality of the common folks amongst the Muslims simply because some don’t check the places where different goods were being produced; goods like: TV set, Phones, Computer, Iron, Electronic Gadgets, Home Appliances, Industrial materials, Animal Drugs/Vaccines etc.

    That of Vaccine, I have experience on it cuz I have worked in a well established Animal Boosts & Veterinary Clinic during the time The Innovators (Muslim Brotherhood) said we should boycott Israeli products, the true fact is that the best of animal vaccines and drugs are being produced by the Kuffaar especially the Israeli People and Indian. They are costly and effective while my only concern is that these people never list animal drugs and vaccines in their boycottted or banned products. Is that fairness?

    Before you boycott ten crates of soft drinks produced by Israel, they have already made huge profits from just two doses of coryza vaccines.

    Lastly, the Ruler has authority to lay embargo on the products being imported in to any country if we have issue with them and as far as we call ourselves people of Sunnah.

    (Only Allāh knows best)

    @Abu Humayd Jubril

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  2. Asalam alaykum
    Fisrt let me Express my displeasure to your articles. To boycott someone or product in other to punish them for disobeying Allah is part of Islam. And recommended by the prophet peace be upon him.
    Let me remind you of ka’b ibn Malik and 3 other companions who where boycotted for 50 days as a result of not giving tangible excuse for not attending the battle of Kabuk.
    Sahih Muslim 2769
    Book 50, Hadith 62

    More so a husband is allowed to boycott her wifes bed if she is disoriented
    Mu’awiyah al-Qushayri reported: I said, “O Messenger of Allah, what are the rights of women over us?” The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “That you feed them when you eat, you clothe them when you clothe yourself, you do not strike her face, and you do not rebuke her or boycott except inside the house.”

    Source: Sunan Abī Dāwūd 2142

    So give me evidence that says boycott is not part of Islam at least I have giving two hadith to support boycott in Islam.

    Secondly. I don’t know why we only love to criticize and don’t see any other good things among the people we call innovators. Who tells you they will not boycott American or Chinese product if they choose to. The major point is that it is allowed to boycott in Islam as long as we don’t call what is halal haram all in the name of boycott


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