It is Difficult To Remain Steadfast Upon The Truth

It is difficult to remain steadfast upon the truth; as there are a lot of shubhaat ( amguities) and shahwaat ( lustful wordly benefits) here and there coming to people’s way. Some have fallen for them along the line and turned theirs backs to the way of the Righteous Predecessors, even some people one never thought could be affected, have been affected and carried away by the torrents of shubhaat or shahwaat.

Hence, let’s be prayerful and try as much as we can to abide by the way of the Companions and also keep good company as commanded by our Lord and as conveyed to us by His Messenger.

One should also know that:
“الشبهات خطافة والقلوب ضعيفة والشهوات مهلكة”
( the ambiguities are big snatchers and the minds are weak and the [lust for ] the wordly gains is destructive)

We ask Allah to keep us firm on what pleases Him.

Written By: Sheikh ‘AbdulGaniy Juma’h, Hafidhahullah

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