Pieces of Advice for Us All

  • Learn to discuss issues with evidence.
  • Debate matters, if necessary, with people evidence for evidence.
  • Don’t use abusive words in your debates unless when necessary. This is because abusing people weakens your position and makes people feel inclined to your opponent.
  • Be forbearing and accommodative of the abuses of your opponents as much as possible.
  • Be lenient in calling to the truth as the truth itself is hard to take. You only apply harshness where it’s necessary, particularly with the ricalcitrant innovators
  • Clarify the basis of your disagreement if necessary to keep the people abreast of the whole thing. This assists them in doing further research.
  • Avoid telling lies when presenting your arguments so as to win, as there can be documentations that can expose you.
  • Accept the truth when it is clear to you.
  • Don’t take side in a dispute between two or more people until you have heard from both sides.
  • Support the truth when it is clear to you and do not be misled by partisanship, tribalism, personal love etc.

Written By: Sheikh AbdulGaniy Jummah, Hafidhahullah.

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