What Makes Them Different from Those Rulers?

The British House of Commons had a sitting with some top leaders of al-Ikhwān al-Muslimun headed by Ibrahim Muneer, the acting murshid, some years back; and a few questions were put to them concerning how they would rule and relate with people if they got to power. One of such questions had to do with what would be their relationship with the homosexuals. Their response was that in Islam people have the right and freedom to be what they want to be.

Abdullah, the son of Salmān al-‘Awdah, aknowledged in an interview with Mehdi Hasan of al-Jazeera TV, that one of the reasons his father was imprisoned is his defence for the rights of the gays.

A day or so ago, Muhammad al-‘Awadī, another Ikhwāni, said in a speech that people are wronging the homosexuals and the lesbians and which should not be.

Al-Qardaawi and Taariq as-Suwaidān once said that freedom takes precedence over the implementation of Shariah.

A sincere Muslim who sees all these and many more becomes confused and disturbed. He or she asks himself or herself: ‘ What actually are these people [ the Ikhwāni leaders] condemning and criticising the Muslim rulers for when they are not implementing the Shariah? Are they really different from them? Aren’t they worse than these rulers by deceiving the innocent Muslims and by trading with deen? ‘

May Allāh rectify the affairs of this Ummah.

Written by: Sheikh ‘AbdulGaniy Juma’h, Hafidhahullah.

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