When we qouted the fataawa of the true and senior Salafi scholars warning against protests and their evil consequences on the masses and properties, one of the local Ikhwāni preachers in order to accommodate the misdeeds of their international scholars said: protest is mas,alah ijtihaadiyyah. One preacher from among the Ikhwaani sympathisers also said it is only when it involves the carrying of arms that it becomes haram; however, it is permissible if it is peaceful as it operates in Europe and the west.

Nevertheless, the events in France and recently in the US have proven them wrong that there is nothing like peaceful protests. Shops are being looted and properties are being destroyed which is an indication that the western society is not as good and cultured as most of the untutored or uncultured Muslims have taken them.

Allah’s aid is sought.

Written by: Sheikh AbdulGaniy Juma’ah, Hafidhahullah.

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