The congregation of the ‘Eid prayer is generally lager than that of the Jum’ah and that of the jum’ah in turn is larger than that of the obligatory daily prayers. This misleads some people to think that each is as important as the size of its congregation and so while they agreed to pray at home daily, they insisted on permission to congregate for Jum’ah and now press more strongly for ‘Eid congregation.

While we hold that the ‘Eid prayer is obligatory, we acknowledge that the scholars are not unanimous on it. They are unanimous on the obligation of the daily prayers.

The misplacement of importance explains perhaps why some governors known to have ordered that daily prayers be said at home are now reported to be easing the restriction for the sake of the ‘Eid prayer.

It is in the news that the Sultan has countered the permission issued by those governors and we need to get it right too that the Sultan’s order’ not to congregate publicly for ‘Eid supercedes that of any governor in this matter. May Allah always guide us to the right position in every disputed matter.

Written by: Sheikh Murtado Adedokun, Hafidhahullah.


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