Oh! In your hands we put all our affairs
for indeed with Your guidance
You save us from the unknown.

Bestow upon us Your unmeasurable
Rahmah, for in Your hands is all
good and You our Rabb is
over all things.

We seek for Your forgiveness and
refuge against the whispers of
shaiton which may call out
to our Nafs and harden our hearts,
for indeed You are the one who
pardons greatly.

Give to us knowledge which will
bring us closer to You
and bring us not near that which
will turn us away from your Mercy.

We seek ability by virtue of
Your power and we ask You of
Your great bounties. Ordain for us
what is good in this life and hereafter.

Take not our souls till You are
pleased with us and make the
trail of the grave easy,
for You have power, we have none.

Make us not among the dwellers
of the blazing fire, accept
all our Ibaadah and grant us the pleasure
of the people of Jannah!

Written by: Ummu Ubaidah Penword, May Allaah protect her

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