We Won’t Allow the Defenders to Sway Us from the Main Issue- In shaa Allāh

Some people who ascribe themselves to knowledge and Salafiyyah in this country are yet to understand or have failed to understand the area of difference between us and the amalgamators and their defenders despite the availability of a number of audios and videos by the amalgamators that clearly expose their position on al-Ikhwaan al-Muslimun and how they want us all to relate with them.

The amalgamators want the Salafis here in Nigeria to keep mute on the heresies and deviations of al-Ikhwaan al-Muslimun and remain like frozen chickens despite the fact that some of the Nigerian members of the Ikhwān are tirelessly attacking publicly the rulers of some Muslim countries who do not tolerate the criminal interest in political power by the Ikhwān.
They continue these attacks and incitations despite the fact that they have seen the evil effects of such incitations in places like Yemen, Syria and Libya; thousands of lives have been lost, and millions of people have been displaced. These incitations together with their encouragement of protests have undoubtedly led to these ugly and pitiful situations in the Arab world.

Nevertheless, with all these going on and coupled with the fact that we have been organizing our dawah separately from theirs, although there have been attempts on their part to bring us under them, with all these facts, no true Salafi would wish to join dawah with people whose major interest is the vying for political power which is contrary to the ahaadith of the Prophet, sallā Allāhu alayhi wa sallam, and who encourage demonstrations against the rulers who do not toe their line.
By Allāh, it is a big surprise to us to see some people we have for almost a decade had good opinion of that they are flagbearers of the Salafi dawah, it is a big surprise that they are the ones extending invitation letter to leaders of Ikhwān to give talk to the Salafi audience. This undoubtedly is indirectly endearing these leaders of Ikhwāniyyah to the Salafi auduence particularly the green horns amongst them.
Considering the negative future effects of this line of action by the amalgamators on the Salafi dawah in the South west of Nigeria specifically and Nigeria generally, some younger mashaayikh in Ilorin called their attention to this on many occasions and different sittings. However, the amalgamators told the younger mashaayikh to go on with their own dawah the way they see it and they will also continue theirs the way they also see it.
Based on this stand of theirs, it is clear we can not work together.

Someone may say ” But don’t you think their position is correct ? My reply to that is, their position is not correct going by the ahadith of the Prophet, sallā Allāhu alayhi wa sallam, that prohibit khuruj on the authorities over worldly benefits or even some religious matters unless if the leader commits a clear kufr that we have evidence from Allāh against, in addition to the fact that we have the ability to remove him.
Hence, the one who knows the right thing should not invite a member of this group with the wrong method of relating with the authorities to lecture the Salafi audience, particularly when the senior scholars of Sunnah through out the world on top of whom are the senior scholars of Sunnah in Saudi Arabia where most of the amalgamators graduated, have warned against this group. So If they ( the amalgamators) see the position of those scholars are not binding on them, will their own position which is against the ahādīth and the manhaj of the Righteous Predecessors be binding on us?

Hence, it is a duty on us to call the attention of the innocent people particularly those that have been guided to the true Salafi dawah not to fall for this big scam; it is also treason and an act of dishonesty to Salafiyyah on the part of some people who ascribed themselves to Salafiyyah to deem it good to defend those who are hell-bent on defending the Ikhwān and abusing those who refute the them for their incessant violation of the Sunnah and the ways of scholars of Sunnah old and present.

Summarily, we don’t want to toy with our deen. And if we are to follow any people blindly, I think it makes sense to follow the position of the senior scholars on this issue firstly, because it is the position of the Salaf on the misguided sects like this and secondly, because their taqleed is better because they are more learned.
Hence, our taqleed of them is a taqleed that is based upon the ahādīth and the way of the Righteous Predecessors.So whoever wants to defend the amalgamators and their stand, let them put up their write-ups, we are -in shaa Allāh- ready for them. And whoever claims he also disagrees with the amalgamators on their position but also disagrees with the method used by those rejoining them, should please apply the best method they think can be useful to convey the message to the amalgamators. But for them to fail to do this and have the audacity to abuse us, we say: we are also – in shaa Allāh- ready to match them ,not abuse for abuse but evidence for evidence.

Written by: Sheikh ‘AbdulGaniy Juma’h, Hafidhahullah.

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