Ask yourself this question….. Checking our ourselves once a while is very important,and it becomes praiseworthy when one does that on daily basis.

Do you think you are becoming adamant to accept the truth because of your personalty (position, status) etc???…..

Be mindful of this question,why do I get affected and hurted when the ikhwanul Muslimoon are being refutted??

Is it because of my status and worldly benefits??
Or because some of my friends and my Uztadhs still romance with them?

Or because you dont want to offend people?

Sincerely, i do not know the significance of your personality at the expense of the deen,you do not want a stain on your personality but you can fold up your hands for people to talk ill of your religion?? …..
Does this ever sound good?

It is apparent and obvious that the excuse of ill-mannerism is not the problem of majority,it is certain that self desire is their problem, they only use the excuse of manner as a disguise….. Our teachers are refuting/correcting with manners,accept the truth from them and stop deceiving yourself please…..

It quite sadden to see some among those known to be on the right path deviating from this path…. Do you think the brothers will leave you?….. The love they have for you then won’t let them leave you rather they will keep refuting ur heresies so as to open your eyes to the truth… …. Your enemies are those keeping mute on your deviations rather that cautioning,they keep praising you….

You claimed to be mannered in your dealings, but because you don’t want brothers to correct your mistake, you prefer to cooperate with the innovators to wage war against the brothers, those that do not even understand the word salafiyyah, they rubbished the methodology of the salaf and you feel comfortable with them….. Where is the manner please????

The manner you claimed to posses that can’t even make you defend your religion, where is that manner for Allāh’s sake?
Please stop being chameleonic,stop hiding under the umbrella of salafiyyah …..
Have you forgotten that you shall be alone one day in your grave?….
Your friends that are innovators that turn you to a sympathizer will not be there ..
Your personality willn’t go with you (subhanalloh) what personality are we to defend if not the personality of Islam….
Your position will not follow you.
Those likes and comment that stop you from saying the truth will not follow you, it will rather implicate you..

Let be sincere with ourselves….. Have we made our stances cleared to people ??

We claimed to be sincere (smiles),we know our minds wallohi, a Yoruba adage says okunkun oni kun ki oni nu maa ma inu re ….. Stop deceiving yourself, are you bold enough to refute the ikwanul Muslimoon in the presence of anyone??
Majority can’t say yes to this….

We are now in the era of “like a salafi post and I block you” Infact some are just bold to refute the Sufi, but when it comes to a clear error from their friends they will say they just want to write about it…. years to that time you won’t see the writeup….
Is this what you call ikhlas ???

When we are not following our dear parent blindly, even when we see their mistakes we call their attention towards it….so why will I be following a so called scholar blindly or dodging myself for friendship sake….

By Allah brothers are not happy with the way many are deviating from the truth, that’s why they keep refuting….. Unity can never be upon falsehood …..

If you claim that they don’t have manner,are they not always right too…. ??

Sit down and check through your mind,accept the truth and come out to refute and correct the brothers with manners too

Did you think you can correct a brother for not having manners whereas you display Joy with the word of the innovators …..or you sympathize with them

Surely, if you support the truth and stop sympathizing….. If you correct brothers they will surely accept bi idznillah

All this manners you are even claiming and disassociating yourselves from the truth…. Why are you yet to stop your sisters and wives from using khimar and niqob??

I asked this because, did you realize that some Hijabite possess some attitudes which make people talk ills of the sisters….. At times they say we lack manners,we are too arrogant, we are too dirty…. Is it all of us that possesses these attitudes… Infact just little do, as you know not everyone will be the same….. So why are you yet to remove their khimar from them to disassociate them from such character…..

Let us be sincere…..

We will be glad when unity exist amdist the ikhwah but it can’t and can never be upon falsehood….

May Allah grant us more ikhlas in our dealing, forgive us and ease the affairs of this ummah from this present pandemic….. Ameen

May He keep protecting our scholars for their firmness upon the truth…..may He bless them and grant them their heart desire through halal means….Aamiin

Written by: Bint Abdulghoniyy Ummu Mujaheed, May Allaah preserve her.

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