Alfas are supposed to be our spiritual doctors. They ought to be jealous protectors of the Sunnah of the Messenger who would not mind the harm to their own personalities in their sincere defense of his authentic legacy for when it is lost, Islam is bound to be misrepresented.

No doctor worthy of the name would look on if quacks endangered our lives – doctors are generally proud of their profession and stand up for it. From what we see however, many alfas are unmoved when shamefully baseless claims are made against the Sunnah that lack any academic merit not to talk of good spiritual purpose.

Covered from head to toe in inferiority complex, the lowly state of mind of many alfas reflects boldly either in their mediocre attack on the Sunnah or their nonchalance in the face of unintellectual onslaughts on it. In fact, considering their intellectual inertness, you would wonder if some of them do not regret being alfas – quite in contrast with other professionals.

Ibnu Muflih al-Maqdasee reported that Abu Ismaa’eel al-Harawee said:

عُرض علي السيف خمس مرات لا يقال لي إرجع عن مذهبك ولكن يقال أسكت عن من خالفك فأقول: لا أسكت.( الآداب الشرعية ١/٢٠٧)

“I was threatened with the sword five times and on no occasion was I asked to abandon my views but to stop criticizing those of others, and I always said: ‘I will never stop.'”

When the love of acceptance gags the mouths of those who know evil, heresy and evil spread in the name of Islam.

Written by: Sheikh Murtado Alade Adedokun, May Allaah preserve him.

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