Lessons from Tafseer class of Dr Faadil Al Imam حفظه الله ورعاه (Ramadan 7th day)


Yesterday’s Tafseer stopped at Aayah :4 and it shall continue from there

  1. Yesterday we discussed how Yuusuuf related his dream to his father. Today we shall be discussing the reaction of his father to his child’s affair. Tafseer started with Aayah : 5
  2. There is difference between يا ابني (Yaa Ibnii) and يا بني (Yaa Bunayya) and the latter is more honourable which means my dear son.
  3. Places where يا بني are mentioned in Qur’an :
    1. Suratul Huud: 42 where Prophet Nuuh called upon his son honourably even though the child was criminal (lessons for parents on how to handle criminal children)
    2. Suuratuṣ ṣaffaat: 102 where Prophet Ibrahim called upon his son Ismaa’il in respected manner.
    3. Suratul Luqman : 17 where Luqman called upon his son
  4. Bunayya is tasgeer (to qualify something with small and it is peculiar to Arabic language) of Ibn. Baniyya is plural
  5. Reasons for the usage of tasgeer are 6 :
    1. To correct people’s impression on something they think it big whereas it is small
    2. To correct people’s impression on something they think it is plenty.
    3. To underrate things people glorify
    4. To indicate closeness of time eg : bu’ayd, qubayl
    5. To indicate closeness of distance like fuwayq, tuhaytu
    6. To showcase love and this is in line with the way it was used in this Aayah
  6. usage of يا to someone that is closer to you it means attention while when it is used for far person it means calling and attention
  7. It is appropriate for little children to have a dream indicating his brighter future. It is incumbent upon the parents to relate well with their children.
  8. His father instantly interpreted the dream which showed he was grounded in the field of dreams interpretation which he inherited from his grand father Ibrahim. It is erroneous to call Prophet Ibrahim father of Belief as there is no evidence to buttress this.
  9. Prophets who were grounded in dream interpretation :
    1. Ibrahim
    2. Ya’quub
    3. Yuusuuf
    4. Dhul Qarnayn
    5. Danyaan
    6. Muhammad
  10. Family of Yuusuuf were all grounded in dream interpretation. The evidence for this was the command given to him by his father that he shouldn’t narrate his dream to his siblings due to the fact they also knew how to interpret dream.
  11. From the dream it is evident that Ya’quub wouldn’t give birth to more than 11 children plus Yuusuuf and that both of his parents would witness the success story of his as his father was interpreted as Sun and his mother was considered as Moon. From this it is inferred Muslims should give birth to more children and train them properly.
  12. The two َّwords لا تَقُص and ْلا تَقْصُص both are correct in Arabic language but لا تقصص is more appropriate in Qur’an as this is common in Qur’an ; Suratul Baqarah : 283
  13. It is derived from this that parents and teachers should choose simple words in communicating with their children / pupils especially when they are young as examplified by Ya’quub where he used لا تقصص.
  14. What is hikmah in attributing the dream to Yuusuuf even though his father was included in the dream? It means that particular dream should not be narrated to his siblings and it didn’t indicate that he shouldn’t interpret it to them.
  15. There is difference between قص and تأويل. The former means narration of raw dream while the later means interpretation of dream.
  16. It is common to Suffi people to claim that had dream about people. It is only in Sunnah that one can have rest of mind in all affairs including dream and its interpretation.
  17. Ya’quub related Yuusuuf’s siblings to him (Yuusuuf) so that Yuusuuf would not take them as enemies. And this really helped at end of the story as he still recognised them as his siblings upon tribulations he went through due to their evil actions.
  18. It is upon the parents and everyone to keep ties of kinship no matter how they maltreat and do evils towards one.
  19. Why is it that those who are close to each other in term of relatives, neighbourhood, workplace, business envy themselves?
    • It is must be noted that envy and plot aren’t restricted to family members rather it cut across all those mentioned relationships
  20. The facts that siblings of Yuusuuf envied and harmed him is one of the evidence used by majority of scholars to hold the opinion that beside Yuusuuf all his siblings especially his half brothers weren’t Prophet.
  21. How did his siblings envy and harm him even though Yuusuuf never narrated his dream to them? The secrete is in Aayah : 8 as they claimed his father showed more love to him than them
  22. It is upon the parents to be fair and just among their children and never underrate any of them.
  23. Am sending this message to the whole world as there is no no one except he has the belief that he has enemies among the humans and Jinns. All these discrepancies that happened in this world emanated from Shaytan. All rancour that occurred between you and others were handy work of Shaytan as it is evident in Aayah : 4 of this Suurah. Any opinion, post, women, husband or whatever that causes rancour among people is satanic.
  24. Many Aayaat of Qur’an established that Shaytan is our open enemy and we should beware of him and seek Allâh’s refuge against him. Below are some of Aayaat:
    • Suratul Israai: 53
    • Baqarah :168, 208,
    • Zukhrufu: 62,
    • Yaaseen : 60
    • Fastir: 6
  25. Whenever you are being disturbed by enemies, just seek Allâh’s refuge from Shaytan by that you have defeated your enemies by destroying their foundation which is Shaytan
  26. وصلى الله وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين

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