Lessons from Tafseer class of Dr Faadil Al Imam حفظه الله ورعاه (Ramadan 6th day)


Yesterday’s Tafseer stopped at Aayah 4. Insha Allâh today’s Tafseer will start from there. Prophet Yuusuuf started his life with dream as it was started in the Aayah 4 in Suuratu Yuusuuf

  1. Favours of Allaah on His servants are of two types : spread and fold favors.
    • When the favor is apparent from the beginning that is spread favour is not apparent at the beginning but apparent at the end as the case of Prophet Yuusuuf عليه الصلاة والسلام as mentioned in Aayaat 54- 56.
  2. Makeen means free access to enter anywhere while Ameen free access to spend anything as titles given to Yuusuuf in Suratul Yuusuuf : 54
  3. Another Prophet who witnessed fold favour was Muusaa as he started his life with water and became victory over his enemies through water. Check Taahaa: 29 and 77
  4. When Allâh commands something harmful to be harmless it shall be so and vice versa. Case study of Muusaa when Allâh asked his mother to put him in water. Same as that story of Sahabah that ride on Lion
  5. It is better to supplicate to Allâh to protect one’s against any harm. At times one’s enemies may be Sabab of one’s victory. Case study of story of Muusaa
  6. The story of Yuusuuf occurred in Egypt even though his father wasn’t from Egypt. Same applied to Muusaa.
  7. The meaning رأيت as used in the Aayah is I dreamed. From this it is showcased that Arabic is complex language.
    • Other meanings of رأى
    • See
    • Ponder
    • Find
    • Dream
    • Believe
    • Guess
    • أرى punish
  8. Transitive verb that has ability to has one, two and three objects based on different meanings. When رأى means to see it takes one object. While it means pondering it takes two objects.
  9. Yuusuuf saw thirteen things : sun, moon and 11 stars. There is no benefit in mentioning the names of 11 stars that why Allâh and His Prophet didn’t mention them. It is lie if anyone claims he knows the names of the stars
  10. Don’t be deceived by anyone who claimed that he wants to use 11 stars to prepare something for you in order to be a king.
  11. people’s believe towards the stars are divided into two ; those who believed in them but disbelieved in Allâh. While another people believed in Allâh and disbelieved in the stars.
  12. Get the maxim whenever any Du’a is being attached to anything in the sky like saying one should be praying when sun is coming out or when it reaches meridian, all these are satanic ways. Beware of all these
  13. Everything is in the hands of Allâh and it is wrong to attach one’s misfortune or fortune to other than Allâh like government. Similarly anyone who attached coronavirus to China or America he has indeed disbelieved in Allâh.
  14. Qur’an summarised the benefits of stars;
    • As stones against the Shayateen
    • As ornaments to the sky
    • As direction for people
    • One of the function is mentioned in Suratul Nahl and two others are mentioned in Suratul Mulk.
  15. Modern Technologies prevent us from appreciating value and benefits of stars as they were used as direction in the past at night.
  16. It is wrong to interpret Suratul Nahl : 16 as evidence to be using stars for soothsaying. Prophet Muhammad never did so.
  17. Why Allâh didn’t mention 13 stars instead rather he specified sun and moon? This is because the two specified creatures are greater and it is better to mention them specifically.
  18. How did those things prostrated to Yuusuuf. Three interpretations are possible:
    1. Yuusuuf’s soul travelled to the sky and therein those creatures prostrated to him
    2. Another possibility was that his soul was close to him on earth and those creatures prostrated to him from their place.
    3. Those creatures descend from the sky and prostrated to Yuusuuf while the soul of Yuusuuf is close to his body
  19. Among these possibilities the third instance mentioned above is most correct based on reality as mentioned at end of the story in the Suurah.
  20. The coming of these creatures to Yuusuuf and prostrated to him is more appropriate and more honoured than his soul ascending
  21. Those creatures prostrated for Yuusuuf in reality as many Aayaat testified to the fact that non living things displaying characteristics of living things like talking. Check Suratul Banii Israaeel : 44
  22. Many narrations established that non living things speak as contained in Saheehu Muslim that there was stone that used to say tasleem to the Prophet before his prophethood
  23. Seeing non living things speaking that doesn’t make them special as they have been described as speaking though we humans don’t understand them.
  24. The Prostration done by Yuusuuf’s parents and siblings to him was mere greeting according to their customs then and not act of worship

وصلى الله وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين

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