Refutation on Prof. Y A Quadri’s Post.

On international issues, check your source carefully

I read a post by a Prof of the university of ilorin, titled “Saudi Arabia becoming Saudi America” where the author gaffe big time. From the title to the content of post, it is full of fake news and false claim. No serious Muslim will spread an information about his brothers without verification, let alone on Saudi Arabia, the heritage of islam. But the problem with this Prof is his faulty aqeedah similar to that of Lagege make him to believe anything.

For clarification purpose, Saudi Arabia didn’t change the punishment for Hadd as stipulated in the Qur’an and Sunnah, rather it is Ta’zir punishment is being changed. And changing the Ta’zir punishment is not as a result of Western pressure. In Islamic Law, Tazir (or ta’zir, Arabic: تعزير‎) refers to punishment for offenses at the discretion of the judge (Qadi) or Ruler of the state.

The likes of this Prof who capitalize on fake news do not know they are indirectly helping the enemies of Islam. And the sad aspect is that arrogance won’t let them to learn. Inciting people against the leadership of Saudi Arabia, spreading fake news, and calling them America errand boy is a plot of ikwanul muslimun and enemies of Islam.

Apart from numerous fake news about the kingdom which the Prof cited as examples, he erroneously confuse Ta’zir with Hadd and concluded that Saudi Arabia is destroying Shariah. His post is widely shared by ikwanee boys like Adeyinka t salaam, gbolahan, etc. I pray evil plot of enemies Islam do not come to past.

May Allah protect the kingdom of Saudi Arabia from enemies within.

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