Moon Sighted.

We give all praise to Allaah for giving us a great gift which is the chance and opportunity to also meet this blessed month of romadon.

We should not that this month encompasses a lot of treasures, hence we should strive to amass as much as possible.

Before any other thing, we must ensure that we purify our souls and minds and ensure that we dedicate all acts of ibadah to Allaah alone, we should not do any form of ibadah for tge sake of praises popularity etc.

In this month, we are urged to make sure we monitor all the obligatory acts of worship, tarawih , recitation of the Quran or any other thing should not be placed above the five daily solawaat.

After ensuring we carry out these obligatory prayers with all our strength and might we should engage in ;

*Reading and memorising the Quran

  • Tarawih prayers which is to be prayed in our various houses
    *Feeding the poor
    *Doing lot of adhkar and istihfar
  • Listening to lectures a

And also

Avoiding all forms of sins,
Idle talks
Listening to or viewing prohibited things like music , pornography , and the likes
Fighting .

May Allaah accept all as acts of ibadah.

We should also ensure we comply with the instructions of the government on the coronavirus pandemic ..

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuH may we have the cause to greet other for eidul fitr in good health and abundant wealth

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