Da'wahTube Class

Da'wahTube Night Class are classes done to teach people about their deen (religion). The classes are done on da'wahtube WhatsApp's groups and the classes presently covers different topic relating to Islaam from Tawheed to various Islaamic related issues. These classes are done by different scholars\students of knowledge whom with the help and permission of Allaah are upon the methodology of the pious predecessors. To know about our program here in Da'wahTube.

The following topics are the topics being taught presently on da'wahtube and the names of the Ustaadh for each topics:

  • Tawheed Class, DTTC, by Ustaadh Jaleel Aromire, Abu 'AbdisSalam, Hafidhahullah
  • Tafseer Class, DTTFC, by Ustaadh Muhammad Ibn Raji, Hafidhahullah
  • Hadeeth Class, DTHC, by Ustaadh Abdullateef Tanimola, Abu Haneefah, Hafidhahullah
  • Fiqh Class, DTFC, by Ustaadh Ma'roof Adebayo, Hafidhahullah